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Grim Winter Redux - Dat Grim Winter

Glad you guys think this is pretty. Because I’ll be regurgitating another episode of Kye’s TES Mod Review-Corner later tonight. In this week’s episode, I’ll be reviewing jkoriginal’s JK’s Whiterun, and Windhelm city overhauls (they are absolutely gorgeous/gameplay-friendly), along with iWillBlecha’s The Real Warmaidens, and The Scottish Bannered Mare overhauls. Fun shit, all around.

Kyerea - BANNED - Forum rules and warnings



Is this about masked helmets?

Did this faglord seriously ban Kye for doing EXACTLY WHAT HE WAS CLEARED TO DO BY AN ADMIN?

Can someone tell me?

And now he got reinstated, but let me guess, assbag mod deleted his file, so once again he has to reupload it.

I fucking wouldn’t bother.

Yeah I figured I’d get unbanned. No one read Dante’s sticky I s’pose? So the message I sent to the aforementioned moderator, regarding why I should be unbanned, was a step-by-step instruction in comparing my mod to volvag0’s, and Bethesda’s assets. 90% of my mod utilizes Bethesda assets, since only my chitin facemask textures are custom-made. And even then, I still utilize a layer that incorporates Bethesda’s textures (to give the face masks that dirty/dusty feel from the original Light Chitin Helmet’s facemask). Once again, I make mention of this in my mod. My mod is just a mash-up of Bethesda’s own assets. The scarf/face mask is clipped out from the Chitin Helmet introduced via the Dragonborn DLC. I told them to check it out in Nifskope. 90% of my stuff is from Bethesda’s assets. The other 10% are the chitin facemask textures which also incorporate some stuff from Bethesda’s vanilla assets.

Dante specifically told me that vol’s reports would be ignored, and that this would not happen again. Well, it happened again. And I got a half-assed apology to boot. No action has been taken against volvag0’s harassment. So I’m no longer uploading my future content to Nexus, and I even deleted my image sets. I was even going to sign up for ‘Premium’ today. Then I logged in, and saw the ban notice. Additionally, volvag0 takes way too much credit for his alleged “original content”. The dude did exactly what I did, and claims it’s his own original work. It’s Bethesda’s shit. 90% of it is. The meshes, and even some of the textures, are the same. We both clipped the facemask/neck scarf meshes from the Helmet. You can only clip it out two ways:

1.) With its’ neck scarf intact,


2.) Removing the aforementioned neck scarf, and leaving only the face mask.

All I did was combine the facemask/neck scarf from Bethesda’s Chitin Light Helmet mesh, with the meshes of other vanilla helmets. That’s it. Nothing special. All assets are Bethesda’s. It’s a simple mash-up that I noticed no one had really done before. When Dante found out, he put out a notice to ignore warnings/reports on my mod in the future. Aaaaand they didn’t.

In short? Fuck Nexus. I’ll be uploading my shit to Dropbox (update incoming for KMH btw), and throwing it on Game of Dovahhe. GoD is a modding blog run by Nanabeats (founder), Kalilies (co-founder), and myself (bitch-ass hoe).

If you are new to modding (like myself), and are considering to upload your first Skyrim-related mod to Nexus. Don’t. No seriously, don’t bother. This is what will most likely await you. Get a dropbox, mediafire, or mega account. Upload your shit there, and link it on a modding blog. Nexus is not worth the trouble.



Grim Winter Redux - Misc. Selections

May have to do something special when I hit 500 followers lol.

How expensive of a computer do I need to handle a skyrim mod this pretty?

Not too much, all things considered that is. My current rig is about 1,200 to 1,400 dollars. My new one, that I’ll be building over the coming months, is around 1,700 bucks.